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As far as government cybersecurity mandates go, Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) are king. STIG compliance hardens you against attack. And it keeps you up-to-date throughout the year. STIGs are a series of controls that have been identified by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as causing vulnerabilities.

Learn all you want to know about STIGs, how to simplify compliance, and how much money you can save with STIG automation.  Manually, IAs go through them one by one to ensure they are secure or they will create exceptions for them. Depending on the size of the project, this could take weeks—even months—of tedious work. ConfigOS completes the job in about an hour, then goes on to continually monitor your secure configuration to ensure it doesn’t drift. Government agencies are required to STIG every app and tool that is added to a system, so automating the process not only saves time and effort, but it brings new tools online quicker and frees your busy IAs to work on backlogs, Zero Trust and other critical needs.

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A government client automated their STIG process and now saves over 90% of the effort and pays $3.4M less for STIG compliance each year. We’ve got the numbers!



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Make STIGging a remote and hybrid workforce easier.

The post-Covid workforce leaves IAs with a challenge—how to keep security current with remote workstations that are not always online. Here’s the solution.


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Whether you have multiple remote endpoints or just spend way too much time manual STIGging, we have a STIG automation solution for you. See which fits best!


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