Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Meet your STIG compliance requirements while saving 90% of the effort, 70% of the cost, and 100% of the headache.

Make Cybersecurity Compliance easy with CIS and SteelCloud. 


The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a nonprofit organization made up of a community of IT professionals working to define best practices companies can use to secure their IT systems and protect data from cyberattacks. The benchmarks and controls outlined by CIS serve as a roadmap organizations can follow to add a stronger layer of security than what is already built into their apps, mobile devices, operating systems, and more.

When your company aligns with CIS Benchmarks and Controls (and stays aligned through regular updates), the likelihood of hackers, phishers and ransomware attackers accessing your data is reduced to nearly zero. CIS Benchmarks are based on NIST SP 800-53, mirroring the lion’s share of controls the government uses to lock down their systems. It is the smartest choice you can make for your organization’s cybersecurity.

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From CISO To SME – Make Your Compliance Data Work For Your Organization



CIS Benchmarks Compliance Success Guide

This free, comprehensive guide from SteelCloud covers everything from cybersecurity basics to NIST 800-53 to automating the hardening process for minimal cost and maximum adherence. If you read one CIS Guide this year, make it this one!


Making Policy Compliance Work for You

SteelCloud’s COO Brian Hajost and CIS Senior VP, Tony Sager discuss CIS Benchmarks and offer a deeper, simply stated understanding of the connection between modern cybersecurity challenges and the importance of good configuration management.


STIG and CIS Compliance Video

Everything you need to know about compliance and automation in 1 ½ minutes.



10 Reasons to Automate CIS Benchmarks

Within a couple of hours, your company can be set up to automate CIS compliance with SteelCloud’s ConfigOS. And if you need justification to sell the idea up the chain, we’ve got 10 great reasons why automation is a smart choice for your team.


CIS Compliance: Automate to Accelerate

Most IT teams do not have the copious amounts of time it takes to get and stay compliant. And with new experts hard to find in the marketplace, something’s gotta give. Automation eliminates 90% of the effort, 70% of the cost and 100% of the headache.


ConfigOS Pays For Itself From Its First Use.

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